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    1. Hello there, friends! Welcome to the one-stop shop for getting started and navigating around The First Love ClubHouse! Take a few minutes to read through this page, then get out there and explore this wonderful little corner of the internet!

      Are you a returning member of The ClubHouse? Take a peek at the items in BLUE-- we would love your help in these areas! 


      • Welcome! Start Here: Welcome, friend! You're already here! This page briefly describes The ClubHouse activities, spaces, and places, and gives you a general outline of how to get around here. 
      • Harmony Roadmap: Remember those maps we used for road trips that were huge and impossible to re-fold? Have no fear, this page isn't anything like those! way easier than that! The roadmap contains a brief message about changes we've made to The ClubHouse for this season, along with some updates to our community!
      • Icons: Those cutie little pictures live on our homepage-- go ahead, click on them! Each one is a shortcut and will whisk you away to different locations around The ClubHouse. Some of them are addressed further down on this page, so we'll just touch on some of the others here...image.png
        • Events: All of the LIVE events planned for this season are listed on the calendar, along with a link to the YouTube channel and any printables that may be included.
        • Fireside: This is the 24/7 live chat feature that we use for quick conversations, greetings, etc. If you find yourself in a longer discussion in this little chat area, please take it over to the "Member Chat" forum to keep the conversation going (more about that further down this page).
        • Cabins: One of the favorite features of The ClubHouse! Join as many cabins as you like for more of a "small group" atmosphere. Be sure to read the CABIN GUIDELINES before heading over there! 
        • Chapel: Click this shortcut to go to a playlist of Cori's current favorite worship music and other media links.
        • Gallery: We have a variety of photo galleries where you can upload photos of craft projects, family moments, pets, and other highlights of your life with your sisters in The ClubHouse.


      • Help desk - Have a question? Need some guidance? This is the place to be! 
        • Tutorials: Mark made a bunch of helpful videos to walk you through some of the settings and features of The ClubHouse.
        • FAQs: Pretty self-explanatory, am I right? (FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions, in case you're not sure.)
          • SOMEONE MAY HAVE HAD THE SAME QUESTION AS YOU AND RECEIVED AN ANSWER... Check the FAQs before posting your question. (Please do not send us an email with a general question.)
          • However... if your question is urgent or specific to you, go ahead and email us at: KeepReading@TheFirstLoveClub.com
          • To summarize:
            • If you have a question on how to change the credit card you're using for payment, wonder how to mark a forum as read, curious about where to find your printables >> this is FAQ territory.
            • If you have a question about your sticker order >> send us an email, friend! We want to help you!
      • Mailbox: Winter: Everyone loves Happy Mail! Throughout the season, Cori will drop printables, reminders, and messages into your mailbox, so be sure to check it often!
        • A REMINDER: the only printables that show up in your mailbox are the ones that are for general ClubHouse use. Printables that are specific to challenges or activities will find their home in the forum belonging to that challenge. Hopefully, this will cut down on any confusion about where to track things down, and will easily ensure that they carry forward from one season to the next.

      2023 ACTIVITIES 

      • The Faithful Ladies Missionary Society: This forum is dedicated to highlighting the work of notable Christian women. A new lady will be introduced each month, along with resources and opportunities to learn more about them. Also included here is the information from the women we learned about in the previous season. 
      • The Pocket Art Challenge: I am super excited about this new weekly art challenge, and I hope you will join me! Get all the details HERE.
      • The 2023 Book Stack Challenge: It's a new year, which means it's time for a fresh stack of books, my friends! Let's get reading!
      • Bible Reading Challenges: The most important book you can read is God's word! 
      • B.A.D. Girls: B.A.D. stands for "Be A Doer". We want to follow the instruction given in James 1:22-- "Be doers of the word, and not hearers only." This spot in The ClubHouse is for sharing the ways that you serve God in your church/community, tell us about organizations you support or volunteer with, and will spotlight different opportunities for you to serve God by using your creativity. 
        • Start Here: Directions to get started
        • The Card Maker Brigade: This season, we plan to host a "card-maker brigade" event, where we will make greeting cards for widows who are cared for by the organization "Troubleshooting for Christ". 
        • Trick It And Gift It: Decorating Bibles (either new or from a thrift store) with stickers, highlighted areas, and helpful notes to give to someone in need of a Bible.


      • The Book Nook Readers Club: Join our book club! Cori chooses a faith-based book for us to read, then we post our thoughts about it in the forum and also get together for LIVE events to discuss a few chapters at a time. 
      • The Holy Habits FaithBook: This area will direct you to a gallery where you can post and share photos of your FaithBook. **Please note: the Holy Habits FaithBook is not included with your ClubHouse membership, but can be purchased HERE. The FaithBook will be supported and referred to in some of The ClubHouse LIVE events, but you are not required to purchase the FaithBook to be fully engaged in The ClubHouse! **
      • The Harmony Media Corner: Playlists and videos to listen to during your Bible time or to play in the background at home or on the go.


      • Let's Talk: "Getting to know you, getting to know all about you..."
        • What's Up Wednesday/Friday Favorites: Fun questions are posted here every week on Wednesdays and Fridays. Share your answer and read/respond to your fellow community member's answers, too! This is a lovely way to engage with each other and learn more about your sisters here.
        • Member ChatWant to start a discussion about a specific topic? Post them here, rather than in the Fireside Chat to keep our conversations organized and easy to refer back to. (Keep using the Fireside Chat feature for all other chatting!)
      • Bible Talk: This is one of the most popular forums of The ClubHouse, and allows members to discuss Bible questions/topics. If you are listening to past episodes of Bible Time with Mark & Cori you can discuss those episodes here too.
      • Crafty Chat: Have a crafty discussion, share tips, resources, and organizational systems, and ask craft-related questions here-- there are plenty of crafty ladies here with lots of experience and answers for you!

      Thanks so much for joining us in The ClubHouse this season! We pray that your time here is blessed as you grow in faith, make new friends, and participate in crafty endeavors!

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