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  • Hello there, friends! Welcome to The First Love ClubHouse! We want to help you navigate around our community with ease. We created a ONE STOP page that is a quick guide for getting started and briefly outlines all the features of the ClubHouse.

    Please take a few minutes to review the following features of the ClubHouse and get yourself acquainted with the NEW features we have added! 


    NAVIGATION MAP: See those little buildings? They sit on the homepage and can be clicked on to whisk you away to other locations within the ClubHouse.

    NEW Fall Roadmap: HERE is a quick overview of the fun activities and new content we have planned this season. You can refer back here throughout the season to see what’s going on or how to enjoy the content on your own.


    • The Welcome Center: HERE is where you can find our Frequently Asked Questions so you can get help quickly.
    • The Mailbox: HERE is where you will receive Cozy Mail throughout the season. These are often messages from Cori and will include things like printables and reminders.


    FALL ACTIVITIES: HERE is a NEW section this season. We broke out all the fun activity related content into their own separate forums so you can discuss them.  

    • NEW Shelly’s Media Lounge: HERE is where you can enjoy playlists of videos, music and a yummy inspiration board to get you in the mood for our delicious season! Play a video to enjoy a fall walk, create ambience in your home or have something lovely to listen to while you read or study.
    • NEW Seasons of Faith Fall Challenge: HERE is our exclusive activity in the ClubHouse that now has it’s own forum so you can discuss ways to complete it, ask questions or share photos in the linked gallery.  
    • NEW The Book Nook Readers Club: Surprise HERE! The ClubHouse book club is back! This season we are reading a book that will inspire and inform your Bible Study in a deeper way as you sit at the feet of Jesus like one of his disciples would have!
    • NEW The Faithful Ladies Missionary Society: HERE is another surprise addition this season is a forum dedicated to highlighting the work of several notable Christian women. We will introduce one per month, with watch parties and lots of ways to learn more about them.
    • Shelly’s Speedy Bible Reading Challenge: (HERELaunched back in late summer, this challenge gives you a chance to read the entire Bible in one season. It’s still doable!



    1. Introduce Yourself: Jump in HERE and introduce yourself to the ClubHouse! Share a fun fact about yourself!
    2. Weekly Conversation Starters: HERE Each week on Wednesday and Friday there will be a fun question that gets posted for you to respond to. It’s a lovely way to engage with the community and get to know each other.
    3. Cozy Kitchen: HERE is a forum that allows each member to build their own little “kitchen” by sharing special family recipes, favorite dishes, holiday meals or baked treats, or ways you prepare meals with special diet concerns.  
    4. Bible Talk: HERE is our most popular forum and allows members to discuss Bible questions/topics. If you are listening to past episodes of Bible Time with Mark & Cori you can discuss those episodes here too.
    5. Craft Studio: HERE is a place for all crafty discussions, sharing tips and resources like how you organize supplies and more. You can ask craft-related questions here as there are plenty of crafters who love to help!
    6. BAD Girls (Be a Doer): HERE is a place to share ways you serve, organizations you participate with and also will be a way we can create for ministries. We will be hosting a card making brigade event this season to make cards for widows!


    GALLERIES: HERE are a variety of photo galleries here that you can upload photos of projects, pets and moments from your life to share with others.


    FIRESIDE CHAT: HERE is the 24/7 live chat we feature in the ClubHouse for quick conversations, greetings, etc. It is not meant for sharing links or information that is best suited for a bigger conversation among the entire ClubHouse.



    1. Rules are important to keep things running smoothly! Please read the CLUBHOUSE GUIDELINES before continuing.
    2. Introduce yourself HERE
    3. Grab your printables from the MAILBOX!
    4. Are you stuck? Watch the TUTORIAL videos for step-by-step assistance.
    5. Have a question? Feel free to ask it HERE!
    6. Tell us who you are and show us your cute little face! Complete your PROFILE here!
    7. Learn about the Seasons of Faith challenge HERE
    8. Cabins are a fun part of our community! Be sure to read the CABIN GUIDELINES!
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