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  • General Cabin Reminders

    • Jesus is and will always be the main focus of The ClubHouse. Please keep this in mind during all of your actions and conversations in The ClubHouse cabins. (Colossians 4:6)
    • Here in The ClubHouse, we are committed to Biblical truth. Any conversation or cabins promoting Word of Faith, the prosperity gospel, or false/heretical teachers or organizations will not be permitted. (1 John 4:1-6)
    • Please be gracious in your conversations. If there is a disagreement or you feel things are getting heated, take some time to pray and cool off before responding.

    Specific Cabin Guidelines

    • LIVE events: Please do not use cabins for the coordination of hosting your own live events. If you would like to be considered for hosting your own live events please reach out to the admin team so we can discuss your ideas.  🙂
    • Giveaways and swaps are allowed within cabins only and will be managed by the owner of the cabin group. The First Love Club will not be held responsible for the outcome of swaps.

    Creating/Owning a Cabin

    • Each member is allowed to create/own as many cabins as they like, as long as they remain active in the cabin.
    • If you create a cabin and later change your mind, please send a private message to Miss Grunecker and she will delete it for you.
    • Be clear in your title what the cabin is about.
    • All cabins must be approved by a member of the admin team before they can "go live". Please be patient with our hardworking little team as we review each one!
    • Ensure that the focus of your cabin and the conversations within it are unifying and not divisive. Cabins that are based on a specific denomination or that cater to worldly pursuits or ideologies will not be permitted. 
    • Cabin creators/leaders are the ambassadors for their group and will be responsible for knowing and upholding the rules for cabins. 
    • Be a leader-- check in and start new topics regularly, engage in conversations, be an encourager and a peacemaker.
    • If you feel uncomfortable directly responding to a member of your cabin, or if you need assistance in addressing an issue biblically, please reach out to Miss Grunecker via private message for help.
    • Establishing a cabin is a responsibility-- please remember that in addition to representing yourself, you are also representing Christ to this community. 

    Starting a Book Club In Your Cabin

    So you want to start a book club or Bible study in your cabin… that’s great! As you know, we are all about promoting biblical truth here in The ClubHouse, and we want to steer clear of anything or anyone that compromises God’s Word. Our desire is to think biblically about who we allow to teach and have influence over us.

    To that end, we encourage you to do your due diligence and exercise discernment when choosing a book or study. Here are some steps you can take:

    1. Pray that God will give you wisdom and discernment as you begin the process of researching your chosen book.
    2. Consider whether the author is merely a popular motivational speaker or if they are a true teacher of God’s truth.
    3. Read the endorsements on the book! If the people telling you that the book is awesome are not known to be reliable teachers or speakers, this may not be the right book for your cabin.
    4. Before making your final decision, please send a private message to Miss Grunecker for approval. Include information about the research you have done about your chosen book.
    5. Lastly, be willing to discontinue your cabin’s study of a book if it isn’t sitting right with you. There is no need to push through a book that doesn’t line up with the Bible. Remember, you asked God for discernment in this process!

    Cabin Participation

    • There is no limit to the number of cabins you can join! If you change your mind about one that you have joined, you can click the "leave cabin" button at any time.
    • Each cabin's activity will be evaluated at the end of the season. If a cabin is found to be inactive, the owner will be notified prior to the end of the season with a reminder to show activity (or intent to continue with the cabin).
    • At the end of the seasons cabins may be deleted for the following reasons:
      • Low/no activity in the cabin
      • Cabin owner wishes to relinquish cabin ownership
      • Cabin topic becomes obsolete (i.e. it was seasonally specific)
      • Cabin activity doesn't comply with The First Love Club/The ClubHouse guidelines
    • If a cabin is deleted, you are welcome to (re)create a new one in the next season. You may use the same name and may invite the same people if desired.

    ** The First Love Club reserves the right to remove members from this forum or any cabins for violation of these rules. **

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